Day 14- One Dinner Cannot Compare to the Infinite Support of Parents

My Parents

I don’t think it really phased my mind that we are already in 2012.  Another new year, big deal.  There was no one to celebrate the new year with and no accomplishments to bring much excitement. 

Being a woman who is moving up in age, sometimes I get depressed and say to myself “what am I doing with my life?”  Then there are days when I am so happy that people look at me and wonder if I am crazy.  Now some people may analyze these moods as bipolar.  Who knows, because I am not a psychiatrist. (that is a whole different post!)

Getting back to the real subject of this story. 

These past few months, my life has gotten busy.  Work, school, teaching, etc., leaving only one day off to catch up with laundry, house cleaning and errands. 

I decided on this particular day off I was going to do something for my parents.  My mind started to reflect from my teen years until now and what I have done, the boyfriends I have had and all my life experiences (good and bad).  As I was looking back to every situation, I remember how my parents have been there every single time whether it was right or wrong, beneficial or not, they stood by me.  Then I thought, what have I really ever given to them? 

I know you might say that is what parents do.  I agree with that, but in my busy life, how often do I really see them?  Not enough!  Meaning that I have to put what is important first and let other things go that are not that necessary.  FAMILY IS LOVE!  You never know how long you may have with parents, and every moment is valuable.

So, my little gift to them was to make them dinner.  My parents have worked so hard all their life to provide for me.  Yes, it is not much, but they were happy to have dinner ready to eat without doing any work.

I plan on having dinner with my parents every week, because over the years I have realized how much my parents have given me and that I am grateful to be their child.

There are things in life that you can let go of, but parents are the ones who you want to keep.



Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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