Day 12 of 29: Coffee Craving Followed with Happy Connections

We are on day twelve of the 29 Day Giveaway and I have to say that every day is such a delight!  Being able to have this opportunity to give and share with the world made me stop and realize how much I was missing. 

I admit that much too often I am selfish and sometimes don’t know why, when there are so many people in the world to learn from and get to know and appreciate for who we  are on the inside. 

Well, if you have been keeping up with the other posts you have surely figured out that I LOVE coffee!  Yes, I finally took my lazy butt to the store and purchased it!  But today I really wanted an iced coffee.( here we go with the selfish part). 

This was fine with my dogs because they love to go for a ride.  It is like having a king and queen in my car.

We pulled up to the McDonald’s drive thru and the same lady that is always so sweet was working.  At this particular restaurant there are two lanes.  I noticed there was a van in the lane next to me.  There was a couple inside and when she placed her order, she was so cheery and it seemed like they knew each other.

Once I placed my order,  I pulled ahead to the pay  and we shared our good mornings and I told her that I wanted to pay for the couples order.  She laughed and said: “oh no, I can’t let you pay for her food.”  At first I thought she was serious, but she continued to tell me that the lady in the van used to be the manager there and she was very sweet.  

There was so much happiness in that brief moment, that the coffee did not seem important.  I was blessed to be able to share that window of contentment. 

You never know what will take place or when.  Don’t know who you will meet or the great moments you will be in, no matter if you know the people or not. 

The great thing is life is all around you and if you don’t live it, you might miss it!

Be happy, live life and keep smiling!

Peace, love and light




Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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