Day Number Ten: HOPE- Help Out People Everywhere!

It is the tenth day of the 29 Day Give Away and I want to thank all of you who are following and reading to see what each day will bring.  If anyone has tried this for even one day I would love to hear your experience if you would like to share, leave a comment. 

As my brain was stirring with ideas today, I thought of the perfect one for this particular day!  I am always willing to help whenever I can and try to show support for as many of the struggling issues which America is facing.

One of the organizations that I frequently stand by is Change.  There  are many areas of concern  that we as a people are trying to fight against  to cultivate a more peaceful and equal planet.   What Change does is displays petitions for these various causes ,or anybody can organize their own.   That is one of the reasons I am invovled with them is because people like you and me can stand up to change what is wrong and make it right! 

So I browsed the site and chose ten causes that I wanted to help by signing a petition.  I also chose the ones that had the least supporters,  and that were important to me  to make a difference. (which all of them are important)

Since it is the tenth day I picked ten causes, they are listed below according to category and name:

Sign the Pledge to Put Students First:

Women’s Rights-  Stop Milwaukee Hospitals From Turning Away Rape Survivors

Health-  Ask Starbucks:  Make All Outdoor Seating Areas Smoke Free

Human Rights-  Department of State:  Call on SCAF to End Violent Attacks in Egypt

Animals-  Prime Minister of Malaysia-Save the Primates at the Perlis Primate Park

Environment-  Universal Pictures: Let the Lorax Speak for the Trees

Sustainable Food-  South Bronx Residents:  Take Back Morning Glory Community Garden

Economic Justice-  Tell Govenor Haslam:  Veto any Repeal of Local Living Wage Laws

Human Trafficking-  Tell Urban Outfitters to STOP Forced Child Labor in Cotton

Gay Rights-  Uganda is Set to Pass the “Kill the Gays” Bill within Two Weeks!

If you would like to support any of these causes or chose your own, you can go to and sign online, your name can be kept confidential.  Maybe you have a cause of your own that you support.  Whatever the case, we are all on this earth to help each other whenever possible, no matter who it is or where they happen to live.  Love does  not discriminate.

If there is a cause you believe strongly in and support, and you need support, let me know here and I will be glad to help.

Peace and love to everyone!



2 thoughts on “Day Number Ten: HOPE- Help Out People Everywhere!

Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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