Day 8 of 29: The One Thing That McDonald’s, A Reverend and St. Lucie Battery & Tire Have in Common

You may be looking at the title of this post and wonder what all three of these have to do with the other.  First of all if you have read the first sentence I want to send a personal “thank you” for taking the time to visit. 

I thought about what I would do for the 8th day of the 29 Day Give Away.  Now I have to admit that when I started it seemed like it would be easy to give away something for such a short period.  But to be honest, I was really racking my brain ( which sometimes is not so easily functionable). 

All of a sudden the light bulb was working! 

Part of my every day ritual is going to McDonald’s to get coffee.  Yes, I should just go buy coffee at the store, which would be so much cheaper, but sadly I have not been as of this moment.  Every time I bring my dogs along, so you might say it is a family trip!  This is where I would like to really give gratitude to all the women who work at the drive thru, because they are always pleasant and I have never seen them without a smile on their face.

Moving on to the Reverend.  The spiritual center I attend is Unity and the reverend’s name is Janice.  This lady is a pure light that shines on every person she meets, who also is always cheery and never without a smile!  Over the past two years, she has blessed me in my spiritual walk and has become a true friend.  Attendance on Sunday is enlightening and she makes you feel like family.

I cannot remember how long I have been taking my vehicle to St. Lucie Battery and Tire, but it has been quite a while.  There have been many times where I have had nails or screws in my tires and they would not charge me a cent!    Not only do they always greet you with a “hello”, they also do it with a smile and mean it!  I have to say the best place I have ever been as far as replacing tires is concerned. 

So, what is the point I am trying to make?  Maybe you already figured it out, because I know all of you are smart cookies.  All three of these serve us in some way every day, but how many of us are truly appreciative?

My give away today was taking a Thank You card to McDonald’s, Reverend Janice and St. Lucie Battery & Tire to let them know how grateful I am for everything they do, everything they give, and who they are.



Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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