The 7th Day: Service

Happy New Year!  Still cannot believe it is 2012, it is crazy how time moves so quickly, especially when you are not looking.  As we all know, every new year there are a variety of ways to celebrate the change of year.  Some go to parties, others spend time with family, couples kiss to seal the years to come or to start a new relationship, and then there are those who are alone.  This New Year’s Eve I did not have the opportunity to celebrate, as far as parties are concerned.

I was working on Saturday ( like normal) and at about 2:00 p.m., my boss had that look in her eye (the one where she has something to ask me, but is kind of afraid of the answer).   I decided to be funny and say NO before she even said anything, but I was only joking. 

Come to find out that she was stuck in a situation where she had no one to answer the phones for the evening due to the two employees that were scheduled to work told her the morning of New Year’s Eve that they had plans and were not working.   So, she asked if I would be able to help her out.   I was happy to do it  since she is the best boss I have ever worked for and did not want her to be stressed out. 

Even though I did not celebrate New Year’s the traditional way, I was able to wish all our patrons a Happy New Year, after all they are part of the family!

Hope everyone had a great New Year and wish you all the best for the blossoming year ahead.

Peace and love to all!


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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