Day 6: Closet Clean Up

There is only two more days until we come into a new year, remembering all the good times, laughs we have shared, the moments with family and friends, and letting go of all that made us sad, lonely or just frustrated. 

As we move forward into 2012, the one thing we can cultivate for ourselves is a positive outlook on life and how blessed we are to be living, even though sometimes we tend to lose track, especially because time goes by faster and faster these days ( or maybe it’s just me).  Another thought to ponder is even though you may not have everything you want ( winning the lottery, driving the car of your dreams, or living in the best house, or the perfect job), think about this:  do you have somewhere to live?,  do you have a car to drive?, do you have clothes to wear?, food in your stomach?, and lastly a job?.  If you answered yes to even one of those questions, then you are fortunate.

For some people, (maybe even those in your neighborhood), those simple things are not so easily available. 

So, today I decided to clean out my closet of all clothes and shoes that I NEVER wear and that are not necessary.   I have the joyous opportunity to share my blessings with those who truly are not so blessed.  To give a mother, or daughter clothes to bring at least a smile to their life.

I raise this question:  What will you give away in 2012?

Peace, love and happiness to everyone


2 thoughts on “Day 6: Closet Clean Up

  1. Giving doesn’t come natural to people with financial sense. However little spiritual sense in me, shows me that happiness is something that grows by giving. I plan to share more happiness in 2012.
    Regarding closet, we usually have a spring cleaning drive at out home and pack all unwanted stuff drop it of at charity. That will continue this year. Nice blog you have here, it’s a pleasure reading your posts.


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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