Day Two: The Laughing Dog

A couple of weeks ago my boss bought a laughing dog from Cracker Barrel.  This particular dog rolls on the floor and laughs uncontrollably.  Now I don’t know if anyone has seen this dog, but if you have you cannot be in a grouchy mood around it!  To me it should be called the “Instant Smile Magnet.” 

Anyway, he has been showing this dog to all of the customers, like he was five years old.  Whenever this dog starts his laughing routine, the whole restaurant is like an amusement park.  Young and old, men and women are laughing and smiling from ear to ear.  It is amazing what this little dog toy is bringing to people’s lives, even if it is for five minutes.

One of my co-worker’s decided that she wanted to get her daughter this laughing dog because she has been depressed lately.   Now, Cracker Barrel was sold out and there was no where else to find them.   But all was not lost, because I had gone to the Dollar Tree recently and low and behold they were selling the dogs!  So, she asked if I could get it for her, and of course I did.  Who would not want to make a little girl happy? 

Once I brought the dog to my friend, she was so thankful and happy which made me smile because I love to see blissful faces, it really makes my day!

So, if you are sad or having a bad day, get one of these dogs.  Trust me, you won’t be able to hold back the laughter!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Peace, love and light


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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