Day One: Looking for Collard Greens

Today I had to go to Walmart to pick up some items for the salad I am making for Christmas dinner;  which only consisted of two, limes and arugula.  I walked around until I found the arugula section.  Now I don’t know if anyone has purchased arugula lately, but it is pretty pricey, not to mention there are various ones to pick from.  You can either get baby arugula, arugula and spinach mix, regular arugula, you get the picture.   

As I stood there deciding which one I was getting, I happened to see a couple browsing the same area, but they looked a little disappointed, but seemed determined that what they were looking for was there somewhere.  After a few minutes, they were not finding their item.  One of the ladies who worked in the produce department was next to me stocking some items that were low, so they asked her if there was any collard greens on the cart, and she said “no.” 

I knew I could help since I just purchased some collard greens yesterday, so I proceeded to tell them that there was a gentleman who was selling them for $4.00 a bunch or $5.00 a bag, already cut in ready to cook pieces.  Their faces of sadness suddenly turned to smiles and they said “thank you” and were on their way. 

You never can tell where or when you will give or who or what it will be.  I was just glad that not only was I able to make their dinner complete, but also able to turn their frown into a smile!


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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