The Arts: A Holiday Stress Reliever

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can leave us stressed, fatigued and even anxious or depressed.  But according to studies sponsored by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s Nord-Trondelag Health Study, there are many artful ways to relieve these conditions:  Painting, dancing, playing a musical instrument or even attending a theater performance or concert may help us feel better, healthier and more upbeat.

The researchers worked with more than 50,000 participants, using questionnaires, interviews, clinical examinations, and blood and urine samples to assemble detailed health profiles.  The data was controlled for chronic illness, social relations, smoking and alcohol.

What most surprised the researchers was that the study findings held true regardless of socioeconomic status; whether a truck driver or bank president, participating in the arts had a positive effect on the individual’s sense of health and well being.

So, if your stressed out this holiday season,  dive into the arts and relax!

Peace, love and light to all


7 thoughts on “The Arts: A Holiday Stress Reliever

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