Family: The Most Valuable Treasure

In this present circle of life, the main point of focus seems to be how much money can I make at work, what’s for dinner or who has the newest phone.  We all get caught up in our own life routine, myself included.   All of us are trying to make ends meet with these economic times that have gone up and down wondering when we will be able to come up for air.

Recently I had my own reality check on how time slips by faster each day, but never realized how much until my son called me the other day and told me it has been three months since we have seen each other.  I was shocked and the only reply that came out of my mouth was ” no way, that is not possible.”  But the sad truth was, it  happened quicker than I wanted to admit.  It took me a while for that to actually sink into my brain, thinking how selfish I have been with my own life.

When this moment arrived, it raised some questions.  Was my life really more important than spending time with my son?  How could I just let time go by and not even think about calling him?  Why was it easy to just go on with my life and not think about anything else?

After I pondered on those questions, we made a date to have lunch, but it was not just me and my son.  It was my whole family, my parents, my son and my daughter- in- law.   When we were all  enjoying lunch together, I just sat back and enjoyed the conversation that was encompassing the table.  I was also thinking how blessed I was to have such an awesome family.   Silently to myself I made a vow not to get so involved with my own life but to spend as much time as I can with my loved ones. 

It’s funny how you don’t think about those things in life that you think will always be there, but sometimes don’t seem so important because you assume they will still be around tomorrow.   

We have no control over how long our life span may be, but we can change what we do with it.

If you have  a loved one that is distant or close by, take the time to say hello or go out to lunch or dinner.  It will not only bring a smile to your life, but it could bring an abundance of sunshine to them.

Peace, love and light!  Namaste


2 thoughts on “Family: The Most Valuable Treasure

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Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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