Everyday is Spirit Fest

It’s Saturday and my usual day would consist of work, but I have the luxury of enjoying the weekend.  Maybe most of us make plans for the weekend, running errands, vacation, romantic getaway or spending quality time with family and friends.  Some of you may know that making plans for your original idea does not always turn out like you expect. 

I usually do not make plans and am one of those people who enjoys life at the spur of the moment.  There happened to be an opportunity arise for me to attend Spirit Fest in Pennsylvania, a three day retreat of relaxation, meditation and music. 

Due to current employment situation, the funds for this event were not available to me, so the possibility of being there was next to none. 

Recently I joined a Yoga class in Port St. Lucie with an awesome and loving teacher named Tonya whose passion for Yoga is above and beyond.  This certain class consisted of three people, one whose name is Joyce.  Joyce is a teacher of Metaphysics and Philosophy and it was my first time meeting her.

Once the class was finished, we were talking about going to India, Tonya just coming back from Kripalu (a spiritual retreat and Yoga training center in Massachusetts) and attending Spirit Fest.  When the subject of Spirit Fest arose, I started to get emotional because I truly wanted to attend, but was not seeing any light or hope to raise my spirits. 

Just as I thought the chance was over, Joyce asked how much it would be and when does the money need to be paid?  I was speechless, not ever meeting her before and her me, I could not believe a total stranger would be so loving and open to help.  Never in my life have I had anyone reach out to help make a quest happen.

Now here is the down side to this story.  Even though she sponsored me to attend, I was not able to because of timing and the airfare being way to expensive. 

At first, I was upset and tried everything to still make it.  But in the end I finally came to terms that it was not the right time and there will be another.

So, after the initial depression wore off, I decided to make my own Spirit Fest right here where I live.  I packed an overnight bag, took some Yoga clothes and headed out.  Oh, almost forgot that there was also a tent and sleeping bag coming along for the ride.

In my car heading to Vero Beach with an intention to relax and just find some park or beach to sit in silence.  This intention never came to the surface.  

My first stop was the craft store to find materials to make lavender eye pillows for my Yoga class, which was a success!  On my way back to the car was a man walking to the store next door, so I said “hello, how are you?”  He said, “hi, where have we met?”  I told him we never met before.  We talked for a few minutes and he continued to tell me that when people ask him how he is, they back away from him.  He continued to say, ” what is the point in asking me how I am doing, when you don’t want to hear what I have to say?”  ( He makes a valid point, why is the world not a friendlier place where everyone can just talk and carry on conversation when you don’t know each other?)  Then he told a little joke:  “People are like plants, some grow into flowers and others go to pot.” 

After cruising around town for a while, I stopped for lunch.  Needed to refuel.  There is a great place downtown called  The General Store.  It not only has old fashioned items, but also great food.  When lunch was finished, I strolled to the Nutrition store on the corner and there was a man holding a little baby walking toward me.  As he came closer he shared a sign of peace, which I responded back with a peace sign.  So then we started talking and the little baby’s name was Ocean which was so great and down to earth. 

Even though I did not get to go to Spirit Fest, spirit was here with me and with the people I met.  You never know where spirit will show up.  All of us are one connected soul to generate love, peace and happiness to each other.

This day was an awesome experience and a blessing to remind me that life is love and wherever you go or whatever you do, spirit is with you and in everyone. 

So enjoy everyday and let the divine light in all  of us radiate to the world.

May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on.

Peace, love and light!  Namaste


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