Butterfly: Free To Fly

Born To Fly

I was in my yard, playing with the dogs when out of nowhere came this beautiful butterfly. Normally butterflies just fly in front of me and then they are gone, not this particular one. Every time I took a step, it moved with me, kind of like my shadow.

It was surpising to me that this one living thing of nature had decided to take time out of it’s busy day in some way say hello. Maybe it was a message ( not sure what), and you may believe or not. Being a spiritual person, to me everything and everyone who you are in contact with is a certain life experience or a sign to let us know to stop and be grateful for all we are given.

There were only a few moments where this butterfly and I connected and had the opportunity to take some amazing photos. The best one is shown here and probably will never happen again. But for the split second I was able to capture the true essence of this butterfly and that is something I will never forget.

I guess the point is that whatever you do or whoever you see is all connected in some way. Life is a beautiful gift and something to be cherished every single moment. So have fun living and enjoy every moment that you have.

Peace, love and light to all! Namaste


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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