Life’s Little Gifts

I woke up to a beautiful, sunbeam day, all is well and right in the world. My daily routine is letting the dogs out while preparing for work, meditation and coffee to follow. On my way to Pappa Louie’s, my mind wandered to lying on the beach listening to the calming sound of the waves and soaking in the rays. By the time reality set in, I had reached my destination. Before entering I took a deep breath and strolled in with a smile. Even though there are times when I would rather be alone in peace, my attention turns inward and I remember to be thankful for the opportunity to serve others.

Four hours has passed, shift is complete and happiness is set in on the journey home. The particular path I drive is peaceful, consisting of many trees, horses and cows. One of life’s little enjoyments is to be able to enjoy all of God’s creations.

As I reach home, I can hear my dog Bentley and his welcoming bark, hurry up and let me out! I am always content to be home, especially when there are two of the best buddies that are happy to see me. Dogs are not only loyal, but very loving.

Lasting about fifteen minutes of playtime with the dogs, I had to take a break and go inside to rest my feet. Ten minutes passed and the dogs started to bark and growl. Running outside to see what was happening, I discovered two baby raccoons. It was amazing that the dogs were not causing them harm, just checking them out. I guess they were not interested, because they went back to eating their bones. Made me glad, because I did not want the raccoons to get hurt. The baby raccoons were so frightened they scattered up the tree. Grateful to see them so close, I quickly went inside to grab my camera. After may frames of photos, I stopped and just sat there and watched them. Their eyes were so mesmerizing because I could see how vulnerable they were and if I was going to hurt them in any way. I just kept talking to them and let them know I was not here to hurt and that it would be okay.

Now, raccoons are nocturnal and cannot explain the purpose of their presence in the daytime, but it made me be still and cherish the moment being grateful for the amazing encounter.

Just when you think that your life is dull, you can remember that life is an awesome gift surronded by many little treasures.

Peace and love to all!


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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