Alternative Medicine Extravaganza

On April 17th, 12:30 p.m., at Unity of Fort Pierce, Brian Sheen, Ph.D., Founder of Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine(FICAM), will be sharing: Why old wounds and unhealthy patterns don’t heal and how to use Bioenergetics and A Course in Miracles to resolve this; How utilizing Psychoneuroimmunology and Quantum Breathwork to become free from emotional blocks and the use of anti-depressant, anxiety and/or ADD/ADHD medications; How NLP and Hypnosis can enhance communication and access hidden resources.

This will be a very interesting presentation and informative as well. If you live in the Fort Pierce, Florida area, I hope you can make it!

If you have further questions regarding this event please contact FICAM at 561-272-3733. Unity of Fort Pierce, 3414 Sunrise Blvd., Fort Pierce FL 34983.

Peace and love to you all! Namaste


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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