Recharge Inside and Out

Once you have de-stressed, refreshed and released, it may be time to boost up your energy. Here are some final tips that will recharge your emotional and physical batteries.


Physical touch, however you attain it stimulates the body, and while massage is typically used to relax and release, it can also revitalize. A recent National Institutes of Health study showed that massage had a positive effect on cancer-related fatigue in patients who were undergoing treatments that drained them of energy.

“During an invigorating massage, the therapist uses faster paced, gliding strokes, rather than slow, sustained pressure,” according to Kristen Sykora, a licensed massage therapist and spokesperson for the American Massage Therapy Association. In-between visits (locate a local practitioner at Finda Massage,there’s plenty you can do on your own.

“Physiologically, when you massage yourself-even when you rub lotion on your skin-you’re asking the blood vessels to open up and bring in blood, nutrients and oxygen into that area,” Sykora says. Let the blood flow! She suggests a simple tapping technique, called tapotement,for re-energizing any area of the body that feels fatigued, such as quadraceps or the glut area. To work on quads, sit comfortably, so the muscles are relaxed, make a soft fist and tap gently all over the muscle for one to two minutes. Use either the pinky end of the fist or the underside, where the fingers are curled.


Walking is a simple way to get motivated because it raises the heart rate and breathing capacity, increases circulation of blood and nutrients to all systems of the body and, as new research from the University of Pittsburgh shows, improves memory. It’s a relatively low-impact, safe, form of exercise that also gets you outdoors, which has it’s own balancing benefits. Beginners can try for ten minutes a day at a slow, comfortable pace, while more experienced walkers may shoot for thirty minutes a day at a faster, more invigorating pace.


Sticking to the safe, familiar and tried-and-true may seem like an energy-conservation measure, but upsetting your routine and trying new things can re-cultivate a passion for life. Who doesn’t want a passion for life? Passion helps provide life with meaning and purpose. It’s important to find pleasures outside of work, even if you love your job.

What will you do? Something you’ve always wanted to do, or used to do and have always wanted to get back to. Or, something you never thought you could do, or think you’re too old to do.

Try something such as a cooking or art class or join a dining or green drinks or bird-watching group(Meetup.comfacilitates local gatherings). Learn a new sport (tennis, paddleboarding, salsa dance) or a musical instrument (ukelele, an easy instrument to pick up, is making a comeback). Join a community gardening, handcrafting or reading circle, which are all part of the growing make-it-yourself movement. The list goes on and on……

I hope that this information is beneficial to everyone. For me personally, one of the first things I do in the morning is meditate and it helps me,(believe it or not) to be aware of everything in and around me as I set out for the day. It also helps you to focus on the inner peace and love and resonate those emotions to others. If that is not your thing, there is Yoga, Tai Chi, Observing Nature, whatever you are comfortable with.

On a final note, it is crucial to happiness and good health to relax and take time for you!
Peace and love to everyone,


2 thoughts on “Recharge Inside and Out

    • Thank you for commenting and also for sharing. I like your post as well. My prayer is for all to live and peace and harmony. It seems in this world of so much hate and destruction that it is a fantasy. Hope your day is filled with peace, love and light. Namaste


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