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This path has many roads, eventually they lead to the same destination

Crossing Into the Light


Crossing into the Light



Each stage of my life is a new bridge to cross on my journey to inner transformation.  If I face a situation with anger and resistance, I will remain in place.  It is only through dealing with each situation positively that I will grow and evolve.  When I work with my inner Light and practice the Laws of universal love every day, I discover the true meaning of life.

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Author: Open Up Life

Welcome friends, glad that you are here. This is a place where I consider everyone to be a part of the family. I do my best to make this a blog where you can find information on meditation, health, peace, inspiration and words of wisdom. I am passionate about helping people any time I can. One of my hobbies is creating art out of recycled material (mostly magazines). I love to help save the planet as much as possible. This is a friendly and loving blog and I welcome any comments or advice.

3 thoughts on “Crossing Into the Light

  1. Another beautiful and uplifting share. I love it!! Bless your heart for all you share on this incredibly lovely blog. Namaste. Gina


Peace, love, bliss kind reader

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