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This path has many roads, eventually they lead to the same destination

Enjoy the simple things in life.

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Open Up Life:

This is what I am doing today and for some time to come. May you all have peace, love and happiness! Tammy

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Enjoy the simple things in life.



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What Peace Means to Children

The World We All Need

by Kids for Peace


Peace is…                                                                                                                                                                                     

a wish that grows around the world

everyone feeling music in their hearts

everyone having someone to love

everyone knowing they are in

a safe place

everyone knowing they are beautiful

inside and out

singing together

making art and sharing it with others

growing a garden, planting a tree

protecting animals

getting Dorothy back home

everyone playing sports instead

of going to war

happiness for all, peace on Earth and

pizza for all people

being kissed goodnight

every child having a family

every child having a ball to play with

at least one hug a day

a warm bed to dream in

the angel in my heart

using your voice for good

treating others as you wish to be treated

sending all soldiers home to their families

people shaking hands

keeping our world safe

knowing anything is possible

having fun and being kind

helping people in need

everyone having an education

everyone having good food






the beauty that surrounds the world


Kids for Peace Pledge

I pledge to use my words to speak

in a kind way.

I pledge to help others as I go

throughout my day.

I pledge to care for our Earth with

my healing heart and hands.

I pledge to respect people in each

and every land.

I pledge to join together as we unite

the big and small.

I pledge to do my part to create peace

for one and all.


Contributions are by children ages 5 to 11.  For more information, visit KidsForPeaceGlobal.org

In Honor of the International Day of Peace

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Wanted to share this beautiful mediation from the 3Ho Foundation.  September 21st is the official day of International Peace, but why not live in peace everyday!  To view the meditation, please click on the link above.

Please share with your friends.  Thank you.

Peace and love to everyone,


A Rescue Dog Changed This Autistic Boy’s Life Forever.


Open Up Life:

Good morning friends! This is a beautiful story of an Autistic boy and his dog, helping one another in the path of life. Enjoy and please share the love. Peace, love, blessings. Tammy

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This is the beautiful story of an Autistic boy and his dog, and how they helped one another.

Xena The Warrior Puppy ASPCA Dog of the Year

Jonny began exhibiting symptoms of Autism early on in his life. Sometimes, when his father would bring him to the deli to pick up meat, Jonny’s dad would place his order, and Jonny would begin screaming at the top of his lungs. Among other things, food gave him a great deal of anxiety. Additionally, the little boy would have almost no interaction whatsoever with the family dogs the Hickeys had at the time.

The family’s situation, as it is for so many other families, was stressful and challenging – they just wanted a way to help improve their son’s life. Then something amazing happened.

A terribly emaciated and near death Pit Bull had been found. She was near death. The rescue organization responsible for her care felt that she was in need…

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Hello Friends/ Welcome to Super Saturday

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funny good morning quotes-4

“When you really want something

Sometimes you have to swim deeper.

You can’t give up just because

things don’t come easy.

You have to overcome the obstacles

and face fears.

But in the end, it’s all worth while.

Life is full of ups and downs

But if you believe in yourself,

You will always come through

with flying colors.

Value Friendship, Love and Faith.

Have A Good Day!

Wishing you a Happy Friday




Good morning friends!  I saw this quote and had to share.  Enjoy life even though it may seem like it’s not going the way you think it should, even the tough times have a reason in your life.  Whatever the day may bring, you have a reason to SMILE, because life is precious and so are YOU!

Have a great day!  Peace, love, bliss-Tammy

Green Apple Day Aims to Transform Schools

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The Green Apple Day of Service, to take place on September 27th nationwide, will give parents, teachers, students, companies and local organizations ways to transform schools into more healthy, safe and productive learning environments via local service projects.  Green Apple is a global movement dedicated to enabling schools to provide clean and healthy air, conserve energy and other resources and serve as places where young people can reap inspired dreams of a brighter future.


To find out more information, please visit MyGreenApple.org


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