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Get Free Energy-Saving Trees

Open Up Life:

Get Free Energy-Saving Trees! Plant a tree, and love blossoms!

Originally posted on Delmarva Power's Blog:

Tree Planting2 Delmarva Power and the Arbor Day Foundation are offering free trees to help you conserve energy. Trees are available on a first-come, first-serve basis from March 20 through June 6, while supplies last. Distribution is limited to two, 2-to-4 foot trees per customer. To get your free trees, visit www.arborday.org/delmarva today.

Properly planted trees help reduce energy use through summer shading and by slowing winter winds. As your trees grow, they will have the potential to lower energy bills by 15 to 30 percent.

To help you plant your tree in the right place, the Arbor Day Foundation offers you an online mapping tool that will:

  • Map your house
  • Show you the right trees for your area
  • Locate the best place to plant them
  • Calculate how much you can expect to save

To learn more about this program, please visit http://www.arborday.org/delmarva.

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Tom Attwater Is Dying. His Daughter Might Die, Too. The Letter He Left For Her Is Unforgettable.

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:

Tom Attwater is dying of a brain tumor, but he isn’t worried about his cancer. Instead, he is trying to save his 5 year-old daughter from her own.

tom attwater

Tom Attwater with daughter Kelli and wife Joely

He has vowed to raise approximately $820,200.00 for her cancer treatment, even if he wouldn’t be around to see her go through it.

Now Tom is almost half way to his fundraising target he is more adamant than ever to reach it. Tragically his deadline is short as his latest scans show his brain tumour is growing.

He says: “These days people make bucket lists, and the very top of mine – the one that matters most – is raising money to make sure Kelli gets the medical help she might need.

Tom attwater

“Some people have advised me to slow down and concentrate on enjoying the rest of my days. But how can I knowing…

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What I Can Do On Earth Day

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Earth Day is the perfect time to think outside the box.  What are the consequences of our choices?  What products are better for the earth?  What should we avoid?

Saving the earth is more than just putting newspapers in a recycling container once a week.

Our product choices, packaging, reusing, and recycling are all areas that affect our homes. Some of the things we can do will take very little time. Other choices will require research, persistence, and conscious effort.

When building or remodeling our homes, for example, we can use earth friendly products including flooring made of cork or bamboo — both renewable resources.


Here are some things all of us can do….

A Dim Bulb

  Your local hardware store probably sells a regular incandescent bulb for $2 or $3. Compare that to a compact flourescent bulb that sells for about $15.00. No contest you say? Think again. Experts say you may buy 10 or more of the cheaper bulbs over ten years, compared to only one of the more expensive type. Now which looks better? 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earthrecommends using compact  fluorescent bulbs with solid state ballasts that fit into a regular light bulb socket, using 1/4 of the energy of an incandescent bulb while generating the same amount of light.

The Running Faucet

Do you leave the water running while you brush your teeth for 2 minutes? Then nearly ten gallons of water just slid down the drain. Remember, you PAY for that! Now, think about saving water when you shave, wash dishes, do laundry, water the lawn, wash the car, hose off the sidewalks…. avoid sending water and $$$ down the drain.

Idle Time

Ever wonder if you should leave the car running while you wait for the kids to be dismissed from school? Leave it on if you’ll be there less than a minute, otherwise it’s more efficient to turn it off and restart it when you’re ready to go.

Turn Down the Heat

Not just the furnace, but the water heater too — set it at 130 to 140 degrees. Turn the setting to low or off when you leave for the weekend or for a long vacation, then put a note on your bathroom mirror so you’ll remember to turn it up when you return.

Keeping it Clean

Washers can use more than 50 gallons of water per load, so avoid washing a lot of small loads whenever possible. Also, be sure to choose the lowest level of water needed for each load, use warm water instead of hot, and set the rinse cycle to use cold water.

Cold Food

Refrigerator temperatures should be set at about 40 degrees, give or take a degree or two. Freezer temps between 0 and 5 degrees are just right. Colder settings waste energy and won’t help food.

Snip Six Pack Rings

Those innocent looking soft plasting holders for soft drink cans and other products can entangle birds, fish, and small animals. Snip apart each ring before throwing it in the trash, or inquire whether they can be recycled locally.

Get A Charge Out of It

Never throw spent batteries in the trash. They contain mercury, a hazardous substance that will leak into groundwater or be burned and released into the air. Don’t go there. Either switch to rechargeable batteries or collect used batteries in a shoebox out in the garage, clearly marked. Then take them to a recycling facility once or twice a year.

Styrofoam Lasts a Really, Really, Really Long Time

Try 500 years. Or more.  Wow!  Think about millions of burger boxes, packing peanuts, and take-out containers, sitting in landfills, not biodegrading. Then buy eggs in cardboard, rather than styrofoam, containers.

Office Paper

Does your office recycle? Chances are it generates a vast amount of clean paper waste. Ask your building management about recycling programs. If none are in place, then put boxes (marked “Recycled Paper Only”) under every desk and next to copiers. Arrange to have a recycler pick them up or take them to a recycling facility periodically.

Sticker Shock

As fuel prices increase it will be even smarter to own fuel-efficient vehicles. Check the mileage ratings when you buy a car and compare the efficiency of your favorite models before you purchase. If gas goes up to $6.00 a gallon, which one will you want to have in your garage?

Use Cloth Instead

Carry cloth shopping bags. Use rags or towels instead of paper towels for cleaning. And yes — consider using cloth diapers for your baby at least some of the time. Not conviced? Read this diaper essay from About’s Environmental Guide.

Reusable and Unbleached

Store food in bowls or Tupperware that can be reused endlessly. Use unbleached coffee filters (not bleached). Use more waxed paper that is biodegradable (instead of foil and plastic wrap).

Recycle Paper

Newspapers, junk mail, office papers, corrugated boxes, and paper bags are just a few of the items that can be recycled. Use local recycling facilitiesor call local authorities to learn about recycling options.

Recycle Glass, Plastic and Cans

Get your local recycling requirements for these items and recycle every them every day. Collect cans and bottles when you travel, when you picnic, or eat a drive-ins. Recycle what you can.

Paint Tips

Oil based paints are toxic. They cannot be thrown out in the trash, but require special “hazardous waste” handling available at most recycling facilities. Call for instructions and collection dates. Use latex paint instead. To dispose of excess latex paint, leave the can uncovered to allow evaporation, then pull out the hardened paint and recycle the can. Never pour paint on the ground or wash brushes outside, as the runoff can contaminate groundwater.

Bag Lady

Recycle both paper and plastic shopping bags. Decline bags for smaller purchases such as stamps, greeting cards, etc. Or, better still, carry a lightweight cloth or string bag.

Arbor Day

Here’s the best idea of all: Plant a tree, or two, or even three. They’re beautiful, they provide shade, consume CO2 (that’s good), and they produce oxygen. Breathe it in. Then go plant a tree.


Is recycling, conserving, and being environmentally conscious a smart thing to do?

Just ask you children.



If you just incorporated one thing on this list into your daily routine of life, you would be making a bigger impact than you may realize!

Love Mother Earth because she loves us every day!

Peace, love, blessings,


Solutions To Reuse, Re-Purpose and Recycle Plastic Bags

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Research tells us that plastic grocery bags consume less energy to produce, transport and recycle than paper sacks. The dilemma is that the vast majority of them don’t get recycled. This recent “metropolitan tumbleweed” clogs our gutters, kills wildlife and makes the world a less beautiful as a whole. World-watch Institute estimates that the United States throws away 100 BILLION plastic shopping bags every year. Here are some ways to nip it in the bud.

- Bring reusable totes and plastic bags to stores.

- Go through the self-checkout to add more items to each bag.

- Put items in a purse or briefcase and carry them out.

- Use a plastic grocery bag to clean up behind the dog and scoop out the litter box.

- Donate bags to a local dog park and animal shelter.

- Wrap homemade bread in a clean, plastic grocery bag to keep it fresh.

- Reuse plastic bags to pack lunches.

- Line a cutting board for easy cleanup of messy jobs; collect vegetable shavings.

- Use a clean bag as a non-stick surface for rolling out dough.

- Substitute twisted bags for rope or plastic zip ties.

- Keep bags in the trunk of the car for emergencies.

These are just a few of the ways to help the planet. For more information, go to RusticGirls.com

Peace and love to all!

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Please Don’t Put Me In The Recycling Bin


One of the challenges to single-stream recycling is the increase in contamination. Folks tend to get a little recycling happy, tossing additional items into the bin. But, sending us non-recyclable materials jeopardizes the success of the whole program.

Please help make single-stream recycling a success by keeping these materials OUT.


Top 12 Items to Keep Out of Your Recycling Bin




Plastic bag

Plastic bags are the WORST contaminant in the recycling bin. When placed in a curbside bin, they get wet and dirty and cannot be recycled. Plastic bags with a #2 or #4 can be recycled at the CHaRM if they are clean, dry and empty. They may also be recycled at participating grocery stores; find a list of participating stores.

See why plastic bags are the #1 contaminant


Send this video to your network of friends and co-workers!



2.  NO Materials in Plastic Bags

Workers have to slow the conveyor belts to rip open bags that contain recyclables and then add the bag to the heap of bags bound for the landfill. These inefficiencies waste time and money.


3.  NO Shredded Paper


Shredded paper is too small to sort—the pieces fall through the cracks of the sorting machines, stick to the belts and end up all over the floor. Please avoid shredding when possible because it destroys the potential for recycling. Compost shredded materials in your curbside compost bin (if you have one) or recycle them with paperboard at a Recycling Drop-off Center in your state.


4.  NO Scrap Metal


Scrap metal items of any size should not go in your curbside bin. These items cause excessive damage to the recycling equipment. Please take these materials to the CHaRM in Boulder or the Longmont or Nederland Recycling Drop-off Center–look for the bin marked “Scrap Metal.”. (Find the Recycling Drop-off Center in your area).


5.  NO Hazardous Waste



Hazardous waste such as paint, automotive fluids, car batteries and pesticides must be taken to the Boulder County Household Hazardous Waste Facility, not the Recycling Center. Learn more about what’s considered hazardous and how to properly manage it, or call 720.564.2251 for more information.


6.  NO Diapers or Other Bio-Hazardous Waste


Syringes and needles, diapers and other sanitary products are not recyclable. Check out our A – Z Recycling Guide for information about handling sharps safely.

7.  NO Non-Recyclable Plastics

While we have added new plastic items, many plastics are still not recyclable. Plastic lids, foam (Styrofoam®) and any other plastics not listed in our recycling guidelines are not recyclable because stable markets do not exist for these materials.

8.  NO Flattened Containers

The single-stream sorting equipment separates “flats” (paper) from “rounds” (containers). When containers are flattened, the equipment mistakenly sends them to the paper side of the facility, significantly contaminating the paper we’re sending to market.

9.  NO Caps or Lids on Glass Bottles or Jars

Metal lids can be removed and recycled loose in the bin. Plastic lids and caps from glass bottles and jars should be thrown away.

10.  NO Liquids

When we compact bottles for shipping, liquids drip, splatter and explode all over the floor, creating a sticky, smelly mess on the sorting floor. Please completely empty and quickly rinse out all containers before recycling.

11.  NO Ceramics or Non-Recyclable Glass

Ceramic, china, dishes, mirrors, light bulbs, Pyrex®, porcelain and window glass should not go in the bin! Their different melting points and chemical compositions will ruin new glass bottles. If our buyer sees just one of these on the top of a load of glass, the entire load could be rejected.

12.  NO Frozen Food Containers

Paperboard boxes that were designed for freezer foods, such as frozen pizza and entrées, have a plastic polymer sprayed on them to protect against freezer burn. That same coating prevents the box from breaking up in the recycling process. These materials are not recyclable OR compostable.

The source for this list came from ecocycle.org

Do you put any of these items in the recycle bin?  I hope that this list helps in the mission to save the planet and keep the environment clean.  Do you have any tips on recycling?  What do you do to help the earth?

Let’s strive and do our best to love and support Mother Earth, our future depends on it.

Peace, love, blessings,


Celebrate Earth Day with Baby TV

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Join us every Saturday morning throughout April to watch our special selection of earth day programs. The programs are designed to help little viewers explore themes including nature, wildlife, the environment, the seasons, recycling, our planet and the world around them!







BabyTV is the world’s leading baby and toddler network from FOX, airing 24 hours a day and completely commercial-free. BabyTV features top quality shows that are created by child development experts and are designed for child & parent to enjoy together. Each hour on BabyTV is an enriching journey full of stories, songs, rhymes & loveable characters.
BabyTV’s library features many original series that have been created by our dedicated team and which address the entire spectrum of early learning skills and development milestones that babies and toddlers encounter in their first years.

Visit us at https://babytv.com
Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/BabyTVChannel
Visit us at https://www.twitter.com/BabyTVChannel

Earth Day Celebration in Central Florida

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Welcome to the 9th annual Central Florida Earth Day!
Presented by Vegetarians of Central Florida

Central Florida Earth Day 2014
Saturday, April 19, 2014 • 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Lake Eola Park (east side)

195 N. Rosalind Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801

Please join us for the 9th annual Central Florida Earth Day, the largest
and longest-running Earth Day festival in Central Florida!

Check out these drummers who play on garden equipment!


Central Florida Earth Day is an exciting day of colorful and educational exhibits and activities! It will take place at beautiful Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando on April 19, 2014 from 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Admission is FREE! Earth Day is a family-friendly, dog-friendly, and smoke-free event. Earth Day, now in its 9th year, is the biggest and best Earth Day festival in Central Florida!

Please RSVP on the Earth Day Event Facebook page and join the Earth Day Community Facebook page for regular updates about the event. And please share these pages with your family and friends.

Enjoy speakers, food preparation demonstrationsenvironmental educationhumane educationEarth kids zone,artist corneranimal havenmusic on band and acoustic stages, lots of other activities, and many Earth-friendlysponsors and vendors. There are so many fun and interesting things happening at Earth Day you will want to stay all day!

The goals of Central Florida Earth Day are to:

  • Inspire sustainable, humane, healthy, and equitable decisions at all levels, from the individual and local levels to the corporate, governmental and international levels
  • Foster positive community-building in Central Florida and beyond
  • Support businesses and NGOs that are making a positive difference in the world
  • Promote all forms of creativity and artistic expression
  • Provide knowledge, resources and inspiration to people of all ages through environmental and humane education
  • Assist animals in need through homeless animal adoption
  • Create access to and awareness of healthy, sustainable, and local vegan cuisine


Here is the event map


Come join us and have some fun!  Let’s give back love to Mother Earth!

For more information, please visit   www.cfearthday.org


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